Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nebraska/Virginia Tech

Brad and Al caught up at the Nebraska/Virginia Tech tailgate scene. Pretty wild place, the post office parking lot is (on Saturdays)!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If they had your address, Travis, they'd send you a get well card

In light of the recent plane crash, Brad and Al wanted to share some pics from this day (which happened to be Mother's Day of 2007) at the skatepark in Omaha, Ne. They may have only met you briefly, Travis Barker but you, your family and friends are in their thoughts and prayers. They also hope that some of your tattoos are still in tact as they are impressive to the couple.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two years of marital bliss...

The holy union begins: September 9, 2006 at the Country Pines in Lincoln, Ne. What a good lookin' couple!

First Anniversary: The traditional gift is what, paper? Brad and Al got ink. Here is Al's.

The Second Anniversary: Dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Brad had steak and shrimp, Al had the veggie sushi. They also put money toward the anniversary vacation to be taken in October to Chicago. When reviewing the fun they'd had in the past two years, Brad and Al discussed memories from the Hawaiin honeymoon, the NOFX concert, two trail rides, and becoming weenie foster parents. Now if only they could get their computer fixed, they could continue blogging and sharing future adventures! (Thanks to Auntie brooke for the use of her computer and for introducing Al to Walter.)