Thursday, December 25, 2008

Brad and Al's family Christmas

Al has been wanting an explodingdog print ever since she first laid eyes on And here it is! The title is "If you do good things, it will pay off" Brad did good:)

Brad got something cushy for his tushy. Al did good:)

Then, as the family money had been spent on the fab gifts, the two ate some suprisingly delicious noodles. Total cost: $0.38.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Van

Here is Brad and Al's first picture of the bambino! Not exactly sure what all we're looking at here, but to Al it totally looks like the little one is kicked back and relaxed, perfectly at home for the next six months! Too soon to tell the sex or see any other organs, according to the ultrasound nurse, but March 2nd will be the date to find out if its a Brad Jr or an Al Jr. If you have better names than Brad, Al, or Uder, please post them in the comment section.

Here is Momma Cindy with her copy of the baby pic! What a proud grandma:) She couldn't even put them down long enough to order her lunch!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What have our lives been reduced to?!?

There is no picture to go along with this post yet, since Brad and Al just really need to buy a new computer BUT Al needs for something besides a urine pregnancy test to show up at the top of the screen when she logs into the blog!

In looking back through the past posts, it seems that Brad and Al used to actually do things together, out in public. They also did a lot of drinking. Since that fateful Thursday morning over a month ago when they found out that indeed the bun was in the oven, they haven't done many noteworthy things together. This is not to say that life has been dull or boring or in any way bad. On the contrary, the two spend many nice evenings at home together and are becoming even better friends than they had been in the past. Its just that Al can't really keep her eyes open past 8:00 at night, and Brad is quite the night owl.

So in comparison with the past month, this weekend was darn eventful! Starting with the cookie baking get-together at Melanie and Chris's on Saturday afternoon. Al spent quality time with brooke, Amber, Amy, and Melanie, whipping up many, many batches of holiday treats! Then at dinner time they were joined by Brad, Pat, Chris, Ian, and Deni for a very tasty Ukranian meal.

Sunday morning, Al finally got to join Brad at church as her night shift was mysteriously (and wonderfully) cancelled! It was a great service, with many traditional Christmas carols being sung and a nice sermon from Pastor Craig concerning joy and a Cleveland Browns Huffy bicycle. On a side note about church, Brad will be debuting his bongo skills next week at the 10:30 service, if anyone would like to stop by Southpointe Christian!

After church, Brad and Al picked up brooke and went to Omaha to do a tad bit of Christmas shopping. They also met Amber at Whole Foods for lunch. It was a nice little road trip, resulting in some great purchases. For dinner, the couple was invited to Momma Cindy's for taco soup and homemade bread. It was a great weekend, food-wise! If only Al didn't have this persistent, nagging feeling of "I'm-going-to-vomit-ish-ness." Please let that be done in the next couple of weeks!!!

At the current time, Al is getting in a few hours at the hospital during the best time to be here - while all the kiddos are sleeping and angelic-looking. Brad is out with a friend for a 21st birthday celebration (because the male of the parenting couple still gets to indulge in alcoholic beverages. And late nights. And fried food. And sports involving impact. And the occasional cigarette. And size small shirts. Oooops, Al seems to be ranting again about the unfairness of women having to birth the children. It happens with increasing frequency, just ask Brad)