Friday, October 31, 2008

Trip to Chicago - Day 1

Two weekends ago, Brad and Al took an eight hour road trip to Chicago to attend the wedding reception of an old friend. (Not old as in, the friend is old but old as in hadn't seen for quite some time:) The trip was also kind of an extended celebration of their 2nd anniversary back in September.
The plan was to get up early and get on the road but if you know either Brad or Al, you KNOW that didn't happen! So, Friday consisted of lots of driving (thank goodness it was a nice drive as far as road trips go!). Once in Chicago, the hunt for the hotel was a bit long but the couple was never lost, just on the wrong path for awhile. After the hotel was found, Brad and Al ventured out into the downtown area for a taste of the nightlife.

Drinks were enjoyed at the Signature Lounge in the Hancock Tower. The bar was on the 96th floor of the building so needless to say, the views were amazing. Rumor has it that on a clear day, you can see into like, four different states from this height! Since it was not daytime, Brad and Al spent time looking at the pretty lights and drinking pretty martinis.

Before retiring to the hotel room for a well deserved night of rest, Brad and Al walked some of the downtown streets and patronized another pub, taking full advantage of the parking fee. It was somewhat of a "culture shock" that bars in Chicago can remain open until 5 am! The pair was in bed long before 5 am but not before deciding that they already loved the city:) Stay tuned for scenes from Saturday...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wacky Weinies!

These two hot dogs are HARD to get pictures of! Coco is on the right, in the pink collar and Bailey is on the left. Brad and Al's foster dogs are doing grrrreat! They live to cuddle and cuddle to live but they've also become very playful. The two weinie pumpkins have been living with Brad and Al since May and they don't need to go anywhere anytime too soon! Luther's jealousy has subsided a bit but the three canines definitely compete for attention and belly rubs.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Making the Husker Tailgate even louder

Brad and Justin debuted the new project at the tailgate Saturday morning to mixed reviews. The performance was excellent but there were some who thought it was a tad loud and expressed their feelings on "external speakers". Brad and Al's advice to those people? Get some earplugs and bust a move. The performance at Woody's later Saturday night was a hit with 100% of the crowd and they appreciated its loudness:) The last picture is not Brad and Justin, its Xander and Adah. They, too, know how to rock!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Day Three...This might be all for trailriding for THIS year...

Allison gave it her best on the final day and it created rainbows in the sky! That is how good she is at riding dirtbikes. Rainbows, people! Totally kidding, she actually sucked so bad she cried but then Brad helped her and it got a little easier. Then they enjoyed a nice dinner at the Nugget Cafe and drove home the next day. In complete silence because Brad's friends don't talk.

Day Two in the mountains...

Here are some pictures that Allison took while exploring in the the cows, eat soy!

Taylor Park 2008...About time since we went in AUGUST

Day One of the Star City Motor Sports Trail Ride. Brad, Al, and Steve's cabin, their bikes, Brad with Zach and Travis, and Brad at the Cumberland Pass. Kind of a Brad-heavy trip. Allison did not plan this trip, however she did enjoy the fresh mountain air, running in the mountains, and the French Toast that Steve made for the couple each morning.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our computer still doesn't download pictures (or play sounds)

It has been so long since brad and al have had any good pictures to post, due to the state of disrepair of their computadora. So they created one. This is a picture of Cletus, the baby that the Volkswagon website created from a picture of both brad and al. Isn't he cute? They aren't quite sure what is up with his mouth though...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Gun Show

On Monday, Brad got the beginnings of a new tattoo! Here is a fresh, bloody picture.

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Its like the opposite of an anniversary

It was a year ago this week that Brad called Al at work and asked her to meet him in the emergency room because he "hurt his fingernail in a dirtbike race" and then proceded to (once she got to the e.r.) hand her a waterbottle containing the above finger chunk. That week was filled with blood, bones, doctors appointments, lots of time at the surgery center, strong drugs, and an unwanted vacation from work for Brad. The second picture was taken the other night, and shows the healing progress the poor pinky has made. It also displays the talent and um, sense of humor that Tyson @ Iron Brush Tattoo has. He permanantly (and for free) gave Brad back the pinky tip that got thrown away in the e.r. since there WAS NO ICE IN THE WATER BOTTLE. If you take away any lesson from this post, always put severed extremities on ice so that they can be reattached and you don't have to live life with a nubbin.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Its nice when Amber comes to town

Friend Amber was in Lincoln this Friday night, so Brad and Al met her and Melanie at Randy's Grill and Chill for some beers and appetizers. While at the bar, Brad and Al played with the features of Al's phone and made some cool sepia hat shots. The group also had a good time texting friend brooke, repeatedly, and asking others if "they are a truck".

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Weenie Visitor

Brad and Al had a house guest for a few days named Walter. He is a well mannered, early riser of a weenie! He came from Auntie brooke's foster home while Auntie was in Kansas visiting Baby Luke. Walter and Luther enjoyed playing, while it seemed that foster cousin Bailey might have had a small crush on Walter. He IS handsome! Brad also took quite a liking to Walter and played squeaky toys with him and dressed him in bandanas. You're welcome back anytime, Wally!

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Friday, October 3, 2008

If they could choose a third grandpa it would be this guy, with this smile

Earlier this evening (much, much earlier) Brad and Al went to Momma Cindy's to watch the vice presidential debate. Al is trying to convince Brad of the importance of knowing "what a Biden and a Palin" are, which vp candidate belongs to who, and why they should adopt Joe Biden as the third grandpa. His mind is elsewhere but Al does appreciate the effort.
While watching the debate, Al cooked a tasty margarita pizza for the trio, and whipped up a batch of Better Than Sex cupcakes from a recipe she was road testing for a new side gig of cupcake catering.
Brad did some internet research for HIS new project, which you can all look forward to catching at the tailgate of the Baylor football game. Hmmmmmm...Intriguing. You can bet that more will follow here on both fronts.