Thursday, December 25, 2008

Brad and Al's family Christmas

Al has been wanting an explodingdog print ever since she first laid eyes on And here it is! The title is "If you do good things, it will pay off" Brad did good:)

Brad got something cushy for his tushy. Al did good:)

Then, as the family money had been spent on the fab gifts, the two ate some suprisingly delicious noodles. Total cost: $0.38.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Van

Here is Brad and Al's first picture of the bambino! Not exactly sure what all we're looking at here, but to Al it totally looks like the little one is kicked back and relaxed, perfectly at home for the next six months! Too soon to tell the sex or see any other organs, according to the ultrasound nurse, but March 2nd will be the date to find out if its a Brad Jr or an Al Jr. If you have better names than Brad, Al, or Uder, please post them in the comment section.

Here is Momma Cindy with her copy of the baby pic! What a proud grandma:) She couldn't even put them down long enough to order her lunch!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What have our lives been reduced to?!?

There is no picture to go along with this post yet, since Brad and Al just really need to buy a new computer BUT Al needs for something besides a urine pregnancy test to show up at the top of the screen when she logs into the blog!

In looking back through the past posts, it seems that Brad and Al used to actually do things together, out in public. They also did a lot of drinking. Since that fateful Thursday morning over a month ago when they found out that indeed the bun was in the oven, they haven't done many noteworthy things together. This is not to say that life has been dull or boring or in any way bad. On the contrary, the two spend many nice evenings at home together and are becoming even better friends than they had been in the past. Its just that Al can't really keep her eyes open past 8:00 at night, and Brad is quite the night owl.

So in comparison with the past month, this weekend was darn eventful! Starting with the cookie baking get-together at Melanie and Chris's on Saturday afternoon. Al spent quality time with brooke, Amber, Amy, and Melanie, whipping up many, many batches of holiday treats! Then at dinner time they were joined by Brad, Pat, Chris, Ian, and Deni for a very tasty Ukranian meal.

Sunday morning, Al finally got to join Brad at church as her night shift was mysteriously (and wonderfully) cancelled! It was a great service, with many traditional Christmas carols being sung and a nice sermon from Pastor Craig concerning joy and a Cleveland Browns Huffy bicycle. On a side note about church, Brad will be debuting his bongo skills next week at the 10:30 service, if anyone would like to stop by Southpointe Christian!

After church, Brad and Al picked up brooke and went to Omaha to do a tad bit of Christmas shopping. They also met Amber at Whole Foods for lunch. It was a nice little road trip, resulting in some great purchases. For dinner, the couple was invited to Momma Cindy's for taco soup and homemade bread. It was a great weekend, food-wise! If only Al didn't have this persistent, nagging feeling of "I'm-going-to-vomit-ish-ness." Please let that be done in the next couple of weeks!!!

At the current time, Al is getting in a few hours at the hospital during the best time to be here - while all the kiddos are sleeping and angelic-looking. Brad is out with a friend for a 21st birthday celebration (because the male of the parenting couple still gets to indulge in alcoholic beverages. And late nights. And fried food. And sports involving impact. And the occasional cigarette. And size small shirts. Oooops, Al seems to be ranting again about the unfairness of women having to birth the children. It happens with increasing frequency, just ask Brad)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

(Hopefully) The only picture you'll ever see of something Al peed on

Here it is folks, Brad and Al are having a baby! Probably sometime in July. And really, they swear they will never put a picture this gross on the blog again but so far, its the only evidence. Well, this and the constant feeling of having to vomit, pee, sleep, eat...Al is NOT a tough cookie.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hold on to your hats! Its time for Halloween pictures!

Killigan's Show Friday night @ Duffy's. Shawn, Brad, and Sarah Palin? (Al not pictured because she was at work. She was a little disappointed in her husband, being photographed with a Republican. Ha!)

Saturday night - preparing to leave for the 3rd Annual Halloween Party @ Chris and Mel's. Mama Cindy took some pictures of the Flinstone costumes she so expertly crafted. And of the "guys" from Strange Brew:)

Brad and Liz Hoffman

Melanie and Chris Nebesniak...Had something to do with the movie Kingpen? It would probably help Al understand if she had seen it, but Chris did look a lot like the guy on the movie cover!

Bert and Ernie. They look like such good friends!

Poor baby Ian. Look what happens when you give his mom a dry erase marker and some vodka!

Do you wonder a little bit if Zach and Shawn are wearing costumes? Well, they are!

Fred, Ernie and Bert

Blimey! Its the crocodile hunter and his favorite prey!

Sucking straight from the bottle and the...tupperware?!? Prehistoric drinking methods.

Al seemed to be passing around shots in about two-thirds of the Halloween pictures. How generous:)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Favorite Winter Dinner

Here is Brad, browning soy crumbles for the best ever cold-weather meal of chili soup and Grands. It was the first time the couple made the meal this season, but certainly won't be the last! Leftovers to be enjoyed today:)

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Obama Night @ Brad and Al's!

Here is Adah, the smallest Obama supporter at the Election Night Party. She and her brother, Xander, helped Al color a map of the United States, making most of the states blue...maybe they are a tad psychic???

Patriotic Jello shots!

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

They found a new love on the final day in Chicago...

On the way out of town, Brad and Al stumbled upon an Ikea or two! Someone really needs to explain to Allison how it is fair that the city of Chicago gets two Ikeas, but there isn't an Ikea within a five hour radius of Lincoln.
They spent about four hours in the heaven...whoops, Ikea. There is even a restaraunt where they enjoyed Swedish veggies and meatballs!

Here's the loot!

And here's how it looks, all set up in Brad and Al's home!
How long do you think it will be before Al talks Brad into another trip to Chicago? They need new bedding, a new dining room table, a good reading chair.....

Chicago - Day 3

When Brad and Al finally got up and were able to move and re-hydrate on Sunday, they did a little shopping in the Lincoln Square area. Very cute little shops! Mama Cindy had sent them on a mission to find a very specific type of "Go Obama" pin, which they never found but had a nice time looking. Lunch was at a yummy sandwich shop (@ about 4:00 in the afternoon:)
Next, they decided to drive down to Lake Michigan and the Navy Pier area. Parking was a bit expensive, so they took a few pictures of the Pier from the moving vehicle.

Just off of Lake Shore Drive, there was some FREE PARKING! So Brad and Al got out and strolled the lake, checked out the boats and the views of the city. What a sight! Brad liked the idea of jet skiing in Lake Michigan.
When the sun went down and it started to get a bit too chilly, the couple joined Justin and Amy and a few of the other wedding guests at a fun little Irish Pub in the downtown area for some drinks.
On the way back to the car, Brad decided he needed to have a Chicago style hotdog, so they made a pit stop at the Weiner Circle for a weiner and a veggie burger and some excellent customer service. They took said weiner and burger back to the hotel and ate them in bed, while taking advantage of having free cable.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chicago - Day Two - Wedding!

On Saturday, Brad and Al spent the day bumming around town. They found a most delicious pizza place (that came highly recommended by several friends) called Giordano's. They also viewed some really fun art at the Museum of Contemporary Arts. Then in the evening, it was on to the Kitsch'N River North for Justin Wolta and Amy Guth's wedding reception. What a great time! The reception site was perfect and had a very retro-cool atmosphere. The bar was open and the newlyweds had fun family members and friends that got everyone on the dance floor! Allison's memory becomes fuzzy after about the twelfth trip to the bar and that's about when the pictures stop, too...

Here is Allison with Thad Wolta, who in her mind should still have been about 13 years old. It was great to see some members of the Wolta family again...

Here is Brad, looking positively stunning in his new suit!
It was a late night when the couple returned to the hotel and you'll see that activities on Sunday definitely did NOT start until in the afternoon:)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trip to Chicago - Day 1

Two weekends ago, Brad and Al took an eight hour road trip to Chicago to attend the wedding reception of an old friend. (Not old as in, the friend is old but old as in hadn't seen for quite some time:) The trip was also kind of an extended celebration of their 2nd anniversary back in September.
The plan was to get up early and get on the road but if you know either Brad or Al, you KNOW that didn't happen! So, Friday consisted of lots of driving (thank goodness it was a nice drive as far as road trips go!). Once in Chicago, the hunt for the hotel was a bit long but the couple was never lost, just on the wrong path for awhile. After the hotel was found, Brad and Al ventured out into the downtown area for a taste of the nightlife.

Drinks were enjoyed at the Signature Lounge in the Hancock Tower. The bar was on the 96th floor of the building so needless to say, the views were amazing. Rumor has it that on a clear day, you can see into like, four different states from this height! Since it was not daytime, Brad and Al spent time looking at the pretty lights and drinking pretty martinis.

Before retiring to the hotel room for a well deserved night of rest, Brad and Al walked some of the downtown streets and patronized another pub, taking full advantage of the parking fee. It was somewhat of a "culture shock" that bars in Chicago can remain open until 5 am! The pair was in bed long before 5 am but not before deciding that they already loved the city:) Stay tuned for scenes from Saturday...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wacky Weinies!

These two hot dogs are HARD to get pictures of! Coco is on the right, in the pink collar and Bailey is on the left. Brad and Al's foster dogs are doing grrrreat! They live to cuddle and cuddle to live but they've also become very playful. The two weinie pumpkins have been living with Brad and Al since May and they don't need to go anywhere anytime too soon! Luther's jealousy has subsided a bit but the three canines definitely compete for attention and belly rubs.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Making the Husker Tailgate even louder

Brad and Justin debuted the new project at the tailgate Saturday morning to mixed reviews. The performance was excellent but there were some who thought it was a tad loud and expressed their feelings on "external speakers". Brad and Al's advice to those people? Get some earplugs and bust a move. The performance at Woody's later Saturday night was a hit with 100% of the crowd and they appreciated its loudness:) The last picture is not Brad and Justin, its Xander and Adah. They, too, know how to rock!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Day Three...This might be all for trailriding for THIS year...

Allison gave it her best on the final day and it created rainbows in the sky! That is how good she is at riding dirtbikes. Rainbows, people! Totally kidding, she actually sucked so bad she cried but then Brad helped her and it got a little easier. Then they enjoyed a nice dinner at the Nugget Cafe and drove home the next day. In complete silence because Brad's friends don't talk.