Friday, January 23, 2009

Is anyone tired of seeing pictures of this dog sleeping yet?

Luther just may be one of the sweetest dogs ever to waddle on this earth. The other night, he took turns sleeping on the back of the couch with his face resting on either Brad or Al, moving back and forth so as not to have anyone feeling left out. One can tell the great influence he has had on the foster dogs, aside from the amount of time that they spend lounging and sleeping by listening to the noises they make. When Luther is just entering the land of sleep, he often makes these long, drawn out, old man-ish groaning noises when he really gets comfortable. Coco has been overheard making her own small versions of this sound lately when she is getting into the sleeping position. It cracks Brad and Al up.

The perfect cup 'o tea

This tea pot rocks, if you're looking for a rockin' teapot. Thanks so much to Brant and Joy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gotta love Etsy!

This is the first (and so far only) purchase that Brad and Al have made for the yet-to-be-sexed bun. It looks a little boy-ish but if the bambino turns out to be a girl, picture it with some pink tights. Or little pink DCs. And if that pencil on a string test is to be believed at all, then expect a girl.

Inauguration Day!

Al seems to have forgotten to take any pictures of the festivities of the day, so here are pictures of the Luther, Coco and Bailey all settled in for bed that night. Don't they look hopeful for the direction our country is moving toward? They are. They most certainly are.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What is with the Nebesniak's and their torturous games?

Tonight, Brad and Al had dinner at Pat and Amy's along with Mel, Chris, brooke, Brian, and Amber. The dinner was yummy: soup and breadbowls, Momma Cindy's shrimp dip from back in the day, and 2 desserts. After dinner, games were played starting with that horrible thing in the first picture that shocks its players. An evil game. But next the group played Tripoley, which Al remembers playing at her grandparent's house as a youngster. This game was definitely a hit and will have to be played at future dinner parties. There was some talk of traveling to Papillion next month for fondue...

The coolest thing to happen in the kitchen in 2009

Meet the Liddle Griddle. It was a gift to Brad and Al from the Svendsen family and it has already been used numerous times to cook their favorite things, such as egg, cheese, and veggie sausage mcmuffins and grilled cheese (I'll trade you my shirt for a grilled cheese:) Much thanks to Tosha for the stellar gift idea, and its so small that it fits with the "clutter is yucky" thing the Van Boening household tries to hold onto.